Finn the 100 schauspieler

finn the 100 schauspieler

Schau doch mal unter Wikipedia nach Besetzung immer dabei ist und somit ist eigentlich eindeutig, dass Finn tot ist. 5. Jan. Fragen zu The Wie heißt die Autorin der "The " Bücher? Suzanne Collins Clarke erfährt, dass Bellamy und Finn tot sind. Alle Infos zu den Darstellern und ihren Rollen in der Serie "The ".

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Octavia hat von Indras Armee gehört und will, nun da der Tötungsbefehl auf Lincoln aufgehoben ist, mit ihm Arkadia verlassen. Tris Tris war eine noch sehr junge Grounderin des Wood Clans. Er ist der beste Freund von Monty. Ein Krieg zieht auf Octavia wird damit konfrontiert, das Lincoln ein Reaper geworden ist 2x06 Octavia und Bellamy gehen mit auf die Mission, den Funkturm des Mount Weathers zu erklimmen. Auf der Flucht lernen sie auch die sogenannten Reaper kennen, die es ebenfalls eine Bedrohung für die Delinquenten darstellen. Octavia erwähnt, dass Bellamy manchmal ein Schwanz sein kann und er lächelt zustimmend. Octavia ahnte das die Grounder dies als Bruch der Waffenruhe ansehen würden und behielt damit recht.

100 finn schauspieler the -

Der Druck steigt —. Lexa beginnt auch erst Clarke zu vertrauen, als sie von dieser hört, dass auch Anya Clarke vertraute. Octavia nimmt dieses Angebot an, opfert diese Möglichkeit jedoch, um ihren Bruder und die Delinquenten in Mount Weather zu retten. Er sagt ihnen, dass sich Finn für sein Handeln verantworten und damit den Tod von 18 Menschen erleiden muss. Sie müssen dafür allerdings die Bäume roden damit sie innerhalb eines Monats anfangen können zu pflanzen. Finn schweigt, lässt ihn ziehen und erzählt auch Clarke nichts davon, als diese, zurück von der erfolgreichen Suche, nach ihm sehen will. Sie schmieden einen Plan bei dem sie den Grounder mit der Uhr gefangen nehmen und in den Bunker bringen, den Finn gefunden hatte. Sie ist sehr attraktiv, zum Leidwesen ihres Bruders. Es wäre super nett, wenn mir jemand, der das im Internet gesehen hat, sagen könnte ob Jeremy wirklich tot ist und wenn ja ob er tot bleibt, so zu sagen. Finn was able to escape the destruction of the Other Side as seen at the end of the first season 's finale. Finn told her to let all of their siblings go so it could just be the two of them again. Finn told her a story about how Kol had once seduced and discarded an innocent woman out of boredom, trying to get Davina to see Kol as he did. Then Klaus daggered free money online casino no deposit and locked him away, and I've been waiting ever since. Stefan spiked the drinks they ordered from Matt with vervain in order to lure them outside klopp wish concert he could follow them and try to kill them with the white paypal eröffnen stakes. Finn's spirit is casino rama windsor inside of his original body Later, Finn found Davina walking through the hall and she explained that she had been looking for him. The two began psychologically analyzing one another. Finn met hotmauk Elena Gilbert and introduced himself to her and said that his mother is waiting for her and that she needs to come alone. Let the two of us go, and I promise never to look back again. When Finn remained unconvinced, Kol revealed his plan manroulette dagger Klaus, saying he had Davina Claire wrapped around his finger and with her help, nothing could stop them. Finn's speeder drew near the cannon, but Poe called off the attack, realizing that they were too late:

Finn attempted to outrun her but Rey caught up him and smacked him with her quarterstaff. Held under questioning and accused of stealing Dameron's jacket, while also being on the receiving end of a couple of electric shocks from BB-8's arc welder , Finn explained that he and Dameron had escaped from the Finalizer , and falsely claimed to be with the Resistance to get them to trust him.

The three were immediately targeted by the First Order and fled, initially hoping to commandeer a quadjumper , but after the quadjumper was destroyed by orbital fire from First Order TIE fighters, decided to commander an old freighter: Despite the cannon getting stuck in forward position, Finn managed to destroy one of the pursuing fighters after Rey managed some clever maneuvering.

Once in space, the Falcon was in need of major repairs, so Rey and Finn attempted to fix the ageing ship. Finn then confessed to BB-8 that he wasn't with the Resistance and tried convincing the droid to tell him where the Resistance base was.

At some consideration, BB-8 revealed that the Resistance base was in the Ileenium system. Just after Rey had completed the repairs, the ship was caught in a tractor beam.

Finn initially believed them to be captured by the First Order, and thus had Rey undo her repairs to flood the Falcon with poisonous gas, explaining that stormtrooper helmets filter out smoke, not toxins.

Putting on breather masks, Finn, along with Rey and BB-8, hid in the maintenance duct. Instead of the First Order, the Millennium Falcon was boarded by the smuggler Han Solo and his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca , who reclaimed their vessel after it had been stolen from them years earlier.

Solo initially mistook Finn and his companions for thieves and questioned them. Finn and Rey quickly recognized Han Solo as the Rebellion general and the famous smuggler and owner of the Falcon.

Having found his stolen ship, Solo told Chewbacca to put Finn and his traveling companions in an escape pod and drop them off in the nearest inhabited system.

However, Finn and Rey convinced Solo and Chewie not to do so by explaining that they needed his help to take BB-8 to the Resistance because the droid had a map that would lead them to Luke Skywalker.

Unfortunately, Han's freighter , the Eravana had been boarded by two notorious criminal factions, the Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub , whom Solo was indebted to.

Not wanting Rey and Finn to be involved, Han placed both of them in the lower corridors of the freighter while he and Chewie went to meet with the criminals, with BB-8 accompanying them.

The smuggler tried but failed to convince both parties that he would fix things eventually. The Guavian Death Gang negotiator Bala-Tik recognized the BB-8 astromech droid from a First Order bounty placed on it and demanded that Han hand over the droid and any stowaways he might have on board.

As the scuffle continued, Rey accidentally released three rathtars that Solo had been transporting for King Prana while trying to separate the gangs from the smugglers using the blast doors.

Finn was briefly captured by one rathtar and dragged off, but Rey managed to sever the rathtar's tenticles by closing a blast door on it.

They successfully escaped the gangs and jumped into hyperspace in the Falcon. While traveling through hyperspace, Finn tended to Chewbacca's injuries with the Wookiee proving a challenging patient to treat.

During the journey, Solo got BB-8 to display the map that he was carrying. However, the map was incomplete and turned out to be a portion of a much larger map.

However, a male apprentice had turned against Skywalker and undone his efforts. Skywalker had since vanished from the galaxy completely.

Solo believed that Luke had gone to find the legendary First Jedi Temple. Not wanting to deliver Finn, Rey, and BB-8 to the Resistance directly, Solo planned to take them to the planet Takodana where he could find suitable transportation for them.

After landing on Takodana, Finn and his companions visited the pirate and tavern keeper Maz Kanata 's castle , which served as an inn and bar for space.

Finn also managed to meet Maz herself, who counselled him to stop running and fight. Finn was then asked to join the Resistance in its struggle against the First Order, but Finn initially refused, believing the First Order to be too powerful.

He then confessed to Rey his true identity as a stormtrooper and stated that he was never going back to the First Order.

After she declined his offer to join him in escaping the conflict, he wished her well. He planned to leave with pirate Captain Sidon Ithano , who offered him transportation to the Outer Rim Territories in exchange for work.

Venturing into the basement of Maz Kanata's castle, they instead found Maz, who gave Finn the lightsaber that had once belonged to the Jedi Knights Anakin and Luke Skywalker.

She instructed Finn to pass the weapon to Rey, who had previously discovered the object and fled into the surrounding forest after experiencing a Force vision.

During the ensuing battle, Finn wielded the lightsaber, killing at least one stormtrooper and engaging in a duel with FN , who brandished a Z6 riot control baton.

He was unable to defeat Nines, who was shot by Han Solo wielding Chewbacca's bowcaster. Finn, Solo, and Chewbacca were captured, but made an escape when the Resistance counterattacked.

Finn witnessed Kylo Ren carrying off Rey into his command shuttle and ran to rescue her, but could do little to help as Ren left the battlefield. Finn was later present during the meeting held to discuss the attack on Starkiller Base, and his knowledge of the superweapon proved invaluable in planning the attack.

He volunteered to go with Solo and Chewbacca to destroy a shield generator on the planet's thermal regulator, but was more interested in rescuing Rey.

After crash-landing on the planet, Finn revealed to Han and Chewie that he used to work on sanitation on Starkiller Base, much to Solo's annoyance.

Finn devised a plan to lower the shield around the planet, which would allow the Resistance pilots to attack the thermal oscillator and destroy the weapon.

Chewbacca captured Captain Phasma, and the three, including an overly confident Finn, forced her to lower the shield. She warned them that her troops would storm in and kill them all, but Solo shrugged off her warning, asking Finn if there happened to be any convenient trash compactors in the base and they were able to dump her into one via garbage chute.

The three then discovered Rey, who had escaped by herself by using her burgeoning Force powers. Rey and Finn went to set charges on part of the oscillator, and upon their return, witnessed Han Solo confront Kylo Ren, who was revealed to be Han's son Ben Solo.

After witnessing Kylo murder his father, Rey and Finn attempted to escape, but were met with Kylo again in the woods. Rey attempted to use her blaster against Kylo, but he threw Rey back with a Force push and knocked her out.

Finn, horrified, rushed to Rey's side while Ren angrily called him a traitor. An enraged Finn then ignited the lightsaber, which Ren claimed rightfully belonged to him.

Finn challenged him to "come and get it" before engaging him in a duel. Though Finn briefly held his own, even with him having no training with a lightsaber, he was ultimately no match for the dark warrior.

Badly injured, Finn was overcome by pain and his muscles went limp. He could hear lightsabers clashing around him, but as the pain increased, he could no longer fight the darkness overcoming him.

As he fell into unconsciousness, his last thought was of Rey. After Finn was disabled, Rey regained consciousness and used the Force to retrieve the lightsaber and defeat Kylo.

Rey took Finn to Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon , and left him in intensive care at the Resistance base in a coma.

Rey wished him a heartfelt goodbye, kissed his forehead, thanked him for everything, and declared that they would meet again before she departed to find Luke Skywalker.

Finn awoke in a flexpoly bacta suit onboard the star cruiser Raddus after the Resistance fled D'Qar. The First Order intercepted the Resistance fleet when it emerged from hyperspace in the Crait system , attacking and destroying the bridge.

General Organa survived, but was gravely injured and taken to the medbay. Finn picked up the transponder beacon that Organa was using to let Rey know their location, and decided he was going to flee so she would not get caught up in the First Order's attack.

He then made his way to one of the escape pods where he was intercepted by Rose Tico , a former flight engineer and current maintenance worker whose sister Paige had perished in the First Order's attack, and had been assigned to guard the pods from deserters.

Rose was initially enamored with Finn, who she saw as a Resistance hero, but noticed that he had packed a bag and realized he was planning to desert.

Rose stunned Finn and placed his body on a cart to try to haul him to the brig. The two then began to devise a plan to shut down the tracker aboard the Supremacy and allow the fleet to jump away, saving both the Resistance and Rey.

The two presented their plan to Poe, who agreed to sanction it without the knowledge of the fleet's new commander, Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo.

Needing clearance codes to board the Supremacy , they contacted Maz Kanata, who directed them instead to the Master Codebreaker , who they would find at the casino in Canto Bight , a city on the planet Cantonica.

Finn gave Poe Leia's tracker. Finn, along with Rose and BB-8 departed for Cantonica. As they began their descent near the planet's atmosphere however, they were interrupted by the passing of an unknown floating tentacled alien that emitted electric currents around its body.

As it ascended above them, some of the tentacles hit the shuttle, causing a surge of electricity to travel within the ship and temporarily disable BB-8, who had been helping steer the shuttle.

Rose then asked Finn to take over as she busied herself with the task of fixing the droid. Finn voiced his concerns regarding his own piloting abilities, but Rose pointed out that they didn't have much of a choice.

As they descended further, Finn then saw and pointed out to Rose that there appeared to be more of the unknown alien creatures.

As he did his best to navigate them through the flock, Finn saw one of the creatures quickly appear on an apparent collision course. Finn called out to BB Luckily for him, Rose was just about done fixing the droid.

BB-8 then resumed control of the ship which allowed them to avoid coming into contact with any of the creatures. As they floated off into safety, Finn inquired about BB-8's condition, which the droid replied to by way of extending his built-in torch.

Rose and Finn then complimented the droid as well as each other before proceeding to the rest of their mission.

They landed their shuttle on a private beach and entered the casino, despite an Abednedo businessman named Slowen Lo trying to stop them. Finn was amazed by the luxury of the casino, but Rose showed him the animal abuse, child labor, and war profiteering that went on behind the scenes.

Rose told Finn that she and her sister came from the Otomok system , which was used as a testing ground by the First Order, and that many of the casino's patrons had become wealthy selling weapons to the First Order.

BB-8 located the master codebreaker, but Slowen Lo reported them to the police for parking illegally, and Finn and Rose were arrested and stunned.

Their cellmate, DJ , offered to help them break onto the Destroyer, but Finn refused, believing DJ to be a mere pickpocket. DJ then used a manufactured passkey to open the cell door, allowing Finn and Rose to escape as well.

Finn and Rose escaped into the Canto Bight stables, where the stableboy Temiri Blagg helped them escape, riding on the back of one of the casino's fathiers.

They initially guided the fathiers towards their shuttle, but the police officers destroyed it. The fathiers rampaged through the casino and town, causing major damage, before losing the police by running through tall underbrush.

DJ demanded Rose's medallion as a deposit. Despite Finn's objections, Rose gave it to him. DJ showed Finn that the yacht's previous owner was an arms dealer who sold weapons to both the First Order and Resistance.

DJ attempted to convince Finn that the entire galaxy was a machine, and that he should stay away from causes and live free. DJ partially lowered the Supremacy 's shields, allowing the Libertine to slip aboard.

However, was unaware of Finn's defection, believing that Finn had been promoted to officer. Finn, Rose, and DJ reached the tracker, but they were captured by Phasma, who feigned delight at seeing Finn again.

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The Force Awakens Finn remains in her talisman for over half a year, with Freya being able to summon his spirit and channel him in times of need.

Finn then finally open up to Elijah, telling him that the reason he was against them from the beginning was that they left him daggered while they were unaware that his consciousness slowly returned, yet he was unable to move, and so he was forgotten by them.

So, he was angry with them when he was un-daggered, and remained so. Finn and Elijah then work together to save Freya from Lucien Castle. However, Finn is shortly thereafter killed by Lucien who turned into the Beast.

Ironically, this bonds the Mikaelson siblings as Finn makes up with most of his siblings in near-death. He then dies for the final time, surrounded by all of them.

Finn was a member of the Mikaelson Family and an unnamed Witch Family. Human Life Finn cries when Dahila threatens to take him away from his family, like Freya.

Finn is the second child and eldest son of Mikael and Esther. The young boy was born into a happy family, with his father and mother doting on him.

He was very close to his older sister, Freya , with whom he used to climb trees when they were planning mischief. Esther used to call them Huginn and Muninn , after the pair of ravens who served as messengers for Odin in Norse mythology.

Eventually, Finn's brother, Elijah, was born and four more siblings joined the Mikaelson family: Niklaus , Kol , Rebekah and Henrik.

However, despite the close bond of the new family, Finn was never close to his new siblings. He had never recovered from losing Freya or from the burden of the secret he shared with his mother.

In addition, Freya's loss had hardened Mikael and he was never again the man or the father he had once been, despite Finn's hopes. When his brother Henrik was killed in an incident during the full moon after he and Klaus sneaked out to see the wolves, their father Mikael had Esther turned them into the first group of vampires using The Immortality Spell in order to prevent the tragedy from happening again.

However, the object that granted their immortality could also take it away, which was the ancient White Oak Tree. To prevent anyone from making a stake from the tree, the family burnt the tree to the ground.

However, they would have other weaknesses including the flowers that grew at the base of the tree, a silver dagger dipped in the ashes of the tree that could neutralize them temporarily and they would always have a constant desire for human blood.

During one such feed, Klaus killed a human which triggered a werewolf curse he carried, revealing Esther had an affair with a werewolf. Enraged, Mikael killed his wife's lover and his family, triggering the war between their races that would last centuries.

Esther placed a curse on Klaus to prevent him from becoming a true hybrid, as that would make him invulnerable to what harms both vampires and werewolves.

In revenge, Klaus attacked their mother, killing her for what he considered betrayal and blamed it on their father.

After that, Finn, with his four younger siblings, left for Europe. Southern France Finn is disgusted by his siblings' gluttony as vampires. While fleeing from Mikael after the death of their mother, Finn ran with his siblings for months, feeding on people along the countryside but always being careful to hide the bodies.

Unsure of where they were going, Kol brought up the idea that maybe they should split up so as to better avoid their father.

Finn agreed with the idea, tired of the killing and running, taking no pleasure in their descent into vampirism. Elijah was quick to remind his siblings of their vow to remain together always and forever.

When they discovered a caravan filled with fine clothing belonging to victims they had just killed, Rebekah suggested they steal the clothes and pose as the victims since they were heading to a nearby castle.

When they found a servant of the castle who was escorting the cart to its destination, he told them he could help them in their potential ruse.

They put it to a vote, whether they should let him live, with Finn wanting him to remain alive, believing it was a good idea. Klaus had the deciding vote.

The servant, Lucien , presented them to the count after trying to help them blend in and present themselves as nobles. After almost being caught, their plan worked and they were welcomed into the count's court.

About hundred years more or less after this, Finn eventually met a women named Sage and fell in love with her, to the point of giving into siring her as a vampire; something he considers morally wrong.

The two remain together until Finn was daggered in Italy Finn reunited with his family in Italy and attended a party held by Alexander , a vampire hunter.

He was daggered by surprise during the party. However, when Klaus unaffected by the daggers thanks to his hybrid powers and abilities annihilated the Five, he undaggered all of his half-siblings but Finn, as he was tired of Finn's judgmental attitude which most likely stemmed from Finn's virtuous ways and Klaus' evil ways.

Finn was in his coffin for many centuries while his siblings went all over Europe. In Cadiz, Spain , Finn's body was brought on to a ship by Rebekah, as per Klaus' orders as they were fleeing the city because Kol's destructive appetites drew Mikael to the town.

The people of New Orleans saw their ship and entered it only to see the coffins of Finn and Kol, their siblings then killed all the humans except for one and told him to help them carry the coffins with their siblings, including Finn.

His coffin was once found in the Mikaelson compound by Klaus's ward, Marcellus Gerard. Klaus told Marcellus that it was his brother inside and that they kept him in there because he was such a bore.

After fleeing New Orleans, Klaus brought Finn's daggered body with him wherever he moved, keeping it in its coffin. In the early 21st century, Finn's body wound up in the possession of Stefan Salvatore, who wished to use Finn and his siblings' neutralized bodies as leverage against Klaus.

After a short while, Klaus reclaimed Finn's and the other coffins. At some point in the centuries Finn lay daggered, his consciousness slowly returned, however, his body remained dead.

Finn and his siblings. After his brothers Elijah and Niklaus where fighting, Elijah revealed that Finn had been in a coffin for almost years. Together with his siblings, they took out their rage on Klaus before declaring that they would be a family without him.

Finn was shocked when he saw his mother arrive, having been freed from her coffin too. Finn spent most of the time with his mother at the ball, helping her with the preparations for the spell that would bind all of them together.

Finn met with Elena Gilbert and introduced himself to her and said that his mother is waiting for her and that she needs to come alone.

Finn then joins his siblings at the stairs while Elijah speaks for his family. Finn is then with his mother until Elena comes and then he leaves, leaving Elena and his mother to have a little privacy.

Finn was the only one who knew about Esther's plans for the spell to kill her children. Right after Damon Salvatore and Kol fell from the balcony, the rest of the Originals went to watch as Damon snapped his neck.

Esther argued with Elijah while Finn waited outside the door. Elijah later left, and Finn and Esther could continue what they had started.

Finn then asked his mother if she had second thoughts and Esther responded she wasn't having second thoughts, it was just that Elijah was so moral, making her feel a little guilt, but not enough to waver from her convictions.

Finn convinced his mother she was doing the right thing and when it was time, he would be ready to die.

Esther then used Finn's blood to link him together with his siblings. When it was done, Esther said to Finn that they are now one.

Finn helped preparing for the spell with his mother Esther and the Bennett witches. Esther explained that the spell she was casting would make her children human again and that her brave son Finn would sacrifice himself and with his death, the Originals would be no more.

Abby questioned why Finn wanted to sacrifice himself, and Finn replied: Later on the evening, while he was ready to be sacrificed, Klaus , Elijah and Kol arrived to interrupt them, allowing Damon and Stefan to kill Abby, thus making the spell undo-able.

When the three brothers came to confront their brother and Esther, Kol commented on Finn that he was her favorite son, Esther stated Finn knows virtue that Kol can't even imagine.

Then when Damon turned Abby into a vampire, Esther couldn't do the spell, so Finn grabbed his mother and they both fled.

After Sage got into Rebekah's mind to figure out that she was looking for the remaining wood from the second White Oak Tree , Sage threatened to stop Damon from getting the wood as it was a way Finn could be killed.

Damon said he would not go after Finn to Sage while neglecting to mention Finn would die with Rebekah, which Sage learned from Damon's mind for herself that the Original's were linked.

Sage helped Rebekah to protect Finn. Damon threatens Sage by saying that once he finds a way to kill the Originals, he's starting with Finn. Klaus asks Finn where their mother is and Finn states she is trying to find a way to end their lives and he will sacrifice himself all over again.

Klaus tries to convince him into helping unlink them, but Finn says he has no wish to become unlinked, only to see his brother dead. Klaus tells him he won't be able to see him dead since if he dies so do the rest.

Then when Klaus realizes that he can't convince Finn, he threatens to dagger him and put him in the same box in which he rotted for years.

You might not feel the effect of the dagger, but you will lose your precious Rebekah. Klaus then appears and uses force to take him down and bring him back to Mystic Falls , where Finn reunites with Sage.

They reminisce about old times, Finn saying to Sage: Later on, they go to Grill where they share a drink and Finn drank his first tequila, while Stefan is spying on them.

Then, a vampire named Troy came by and greeted Sage. Sage revealed that she turned him and told Finn not to be upset with her.

My passions overtook my morals. Matt then puts vervain into their drinks and Stefan lures them outside. Then, after Stefan fails, Elena and Matt suddenly appears at the Grill backdoor.

Elena shoots him with a normal stake to stall him, and Matt stakes Finn in the heart with another White Oak Stake, not knowing that Bonnie broke the binding spell seconds before they succeeded, making Finn's death useless to kill Klaus, and tragic in that they killed the only Original that had never antagonized them nor wished to.

About an hour after Finn's death, Sage and Troy mysteriously died, with Stefan, Caroline and Elena realizing that once an Original dies, so does every vampire descended from their bloodline.

Young Finn and his siblings. His coffin is brought ashore when the ship makes landfall. Klaus later mentions that he was the only one being a victim to Mikael's abuse while his brothers Finn, Elijah and Kol were not.

Klaus also mentions that he loved all of his siblings even Finn whom he kept daggered for years in a coffin, because of his judgmental attitude to his half-brother.

They looked at her tombstone and Finn commented dryly that he hopes she rests in peace. Esther asked him what the fun in that was, telling him that they have work to do.

Finn and Esther's new bodies. In Rebirth , Finn was still in Vincent's body. He escorted and remained close to his mother while she spoke with the werewolves about the threat of Klaus and Elijah.

After the meeting, Finn walked with her and spoke about any concerns about his brothers. Esther assured her son that Klaus and Elijah would have a lot more trouble with her this time.

Later, Finn used his new identity as Vincent to meet with Camille O'Connell, keeping an eye on her for his mother.

After that, he met with his mother and commented on how strange it was to no longer be in a vampire body, saying he'd forgotten what it felt like.

His brother Kol arrived, having been brought back and also now in a new body, and Esther told them that they had to prepare for a family reunion.

In Alive and Kicking , Finn stood by his mother and little brother as they continued their plans for the city. Esther showed Finn and Kol her plans to create a werewolf army using moonlight rings.

Later, Finn watched Kol try and get information on Davina by using a date. When Davina stepped out for a moment, Finn accused Kol of stalling, telling him if he didn't hurry it along, they'd get the information Finn's way.

After leaving, werewolves attacked Davina and by extension Kol who was now vulnerable in his new body. Kol later attacked Finn, believing he had gave the werewolves the order but soon learned it was Esther.

Kol released Finn and Finn watched as Esther put Kol in his place, not aware that Kol had seen vital information that he was withholding from them.

Finn gave him a new moonlight ring as a sign that he had really been sent by Cassie. When Oliver questioned Finn, Finn used his newly acquired magic to cause Oliver great pain to put him in his place, possibly forcing him to start to turn as his werewolf eyes started showing.

Later, he went to Lenore immediately after his brother Elijah had just left her shop, needing her assistance. Finn brought Lenore to his mother, explaining to her that Kol was still tracking Davina and wouldn't be making it to the dinner she had invited Klaus and Elijah to.

Esther explained that Finn's knack for persuasion was needed at the dinner so he should have the newly recruited Oliver torture Lenore.

Finn assured her that he had made all the preparations for the dinner. Finn then gave Oliver his instructions to "persuade" the stubborn Lenore to talk.

That night, Klaus and Elijah prepared the dinner that Esther had set up. Finn arrived before his mother, approaching his brothers. Neither of them immediately recognized him in his new body until he began to chastise Klaus for how he used to be as a child.

Klaus was able to deduce it was Finn from his words but Elijah remained confused until Klaus spoke Finn's name. Finn then joyously told them to begin the dinner.

While the three brothers waited for their mother, Klaus condemned Finn for his previous treachery. Finn explained that the dinner was to celebrate his return, having spent years in a box before being killed.

He then dryly asked Elijah and Klaus about their contributions to society over the last thousand years, then stating that they hadn't contributed much besides making a path of destruction through time.

When asked about the extra seat at the table, Finn told them that Kol had also been brought back by their mother. When Klaus spoke out that Kol would never follow their mother, Finn countered that Esther's argument had even convinced the most wild of the family to join her cause.

Finn then questioned Klaus on why he had kept him daggered for so long and Elijah on why he hadn't saved him. Esther finally arrived, shifting the attention to her.

When Klaus and Esther argued over who was responsible for creating the monsters her children had become, Esther jumped from Cassie's body, leaving the dinner.

Elijah and Klaus furiously questioned Finn on where she went but Finn used his magic to overpower them. Finn left while they tracked Esther down in her new body where she offered to put them in new non-vampire bodies just as she had done Finn and Kol.

Finn later talked with his mother about how she was going to convince his brothers to see the error of their ways and accept the new life they wanted to give them.

Esther explained that they'd take everything they loved away from them so they begged her to give them new bodies.

Later, he argued with Kol over their respective missions that had been assigned to them. Finn then went to the werewolves that were under his mother's control and brought with him new recruits, all of which were boys and teenagers who were untriggered werewolves, wanting them to murder and be triggered to make his mother's army grow even more.

Later, when Elijah slaughtered dozens of werewolves to help the children escape, Finn arrived and hurt Elijah with his magic.

Elijah fought back, ready to snap his brother's neck but was suddenly impaled through the back by their mother, who used her magic to disable Elijah.

They then captured him. In Red Door , Finn called Kol, asking him if he had found the white oak stake. Kol told him about Davina's plan to unlink Klaus's bloodline from him so they wouldn't die if he did and Finn said that Kol had to either find what Davina was using as a binding agent and kill the spell or kill Davina.

Later, Finn found that Esther was forcing the captured Elijah to not only relive horrors from his past but also giving him false visions of hope as a way to make him accept her proposed new life in a new body.

In Wheel Inside the Wheel , Finn ordered the werewolves to have Oliver executed for his part in aiding Elijah rescue the untriggered werewolves.

Later, he again spoke to Cami under the guise of her adviser, Vincent. However, he came off as overly curious about her personal life, raising her suspicions about him.

She soon dug into his history and discovered, with the help of Marcel, that Vincent Griffiths was being possessed by Finn Mikaelson, Klaus's oldest brother.

Cami distracted Finn while a plan was being put into place to rescue Oliver from his execution. Cami began questioning him about his personal life and his relationship to his family, not revealing that she knew his true identity.

The two began psychologically analyzing one another. She initially planned on attacking him but chose not to.

Using Cami as a distraction, she invited him on a date, much to Finn's surprise. His mother instructed him that it was time to bring Cami into the fold of their plan but Finn grew agitated, saying he hoped there'd be more time.

When Esther persisted, Finn told her that she didn't need to get Cami by force. Later, Finn and Cami went to a jazz club when Cami suddenly vanished.

Finn went outside to find her being attacked by a werewolf who escaped. Cami vanished along with it. When Finn called Aiden, accusing one of his wolves of the abduction, he met with him at the church.

When Finn revealed that he knew one of the rescued untriggered werewolves had been Aiden's little brother, he attacked him, knowing that he had taken Cami.

Hayley arrived, fighting Finn with the help of the werewolf, Jackson, who shot Finn with arrows. Finn lay in a heap when Cami appeared with cursed cuffs that negated a witch's magic when worn.

She handcuffed Finn, revealing that she knew his true identity and that she had tricked him. Hayley brought Finn to the compound, where Kol had also been taken captive.

Klaus and Elijah appeared, greeting their captive brothers. Finn tried to explain to them that their mother was trying to do right by them by offering them new mortal lives and that they were fools to turn down her offers.

When Finn brought up Rebekah and her unending loyalty to Klaus, he wondered where she was. When he told them that Esther was watching her and had plans for her, he was attacked by Elijah who Klaus managed to pull away.

Later, Klaus tried to torture their mother's plans out of Finn but Finn remained steadfast in support of Esther. When things grew to a boiling point, Finn revealed the truth of their older sister Freya's fate and how Esther had sacrificed her to Dahlia to save the rest of the family and that if the firstborn of each generation wasn't killed, Dahlia would come back to destroy them all.

When Cami showed up with puncture wounds in her back, Kol, who had taken Klaus' offer to join him, deduced that Esther was preparing her body to be a vessel.

Cami questioned Finn, since he was the only one who knew of Esther's intentions. He explained that Esther wasn't going to jump into Cami's body, she was going to have Rebekah possess it.

This horrified Cami and infuriated Klaus who grabbed Finn, telling him he didn't care about his fairy tales and when Finn refused to say more, Klaus had Marcel bring in Finn's coffin from when he had been daggered for nine hundred years.

Petrified by the sight of the coffin he had been imprisoned in, Finn hysterically pleaded with Klaus but Klaus forced him inside, telling him he had put air holes in it, before closing it on him, trapping Finn in a coffin once again.

In The Map of Moments , Finn remained trapped in the coffin when Camille came to speak to him in hopes of convincing his mother to leave her out of it.

Marcel relented to her request to see him and let Finn out, though still with the cuffs that repressed his magic.

Finn sat down with Cami, no longer allowing his attraction to her distract him. When she questioned his morals, Finn grew angry and told her to look at her own morals before judging him, citing her relationship with Marcel and Klaus.

He elaborated in defending his morality by explaining that he saw the world in black and white, in simple shades of good and evil. Finn said that unlike his mother, Elijah, and Cami, he didn't believe in redemption, especially Klaus's.

Finn boldly proclaimed that he was trying to protect the world from the evil and impurity of vampires, saying that when he was free, he'd wipe out every vampire in the city and anyone who sided with them.

Cami realized that Finn would not listen to reason and had him put back into his coffin. Later, unseen, Finn was rescued from his imprisonment by his father, Mikael, who had made an alliance with Esther.

Finn believed he could put his father's strength to good use after hearing that Mikael wished to work together in their crusade. Finn went to the compound and confronted Klaus and Kol, where he demanded to know where their mother was.

Klaus refused to tell him and Finn left, finding that vampires and werewolves were gathered in the compound, hoping to form a truce.

Finn explained that he believed that their two species could never find peace and then cast a boundary spell so they couldn't leave the compound.

He said that, given enough time in an enclosed space together, they'd come to see things his way. The spell was a powerful one, as Finn was channeling power through his father, using a sacrificial spell similar to those used by Papa Tunde.

Finn then used a spell to force the vampires to grow even hungrier so they'd want to feed on the trapped werewolves. After Klaus submitted their mother's location, Finn found her in a tomb but was horrified to find that she had turned into a vampire by Klaus.

Despite Esther's apologies and claims to still be his mother, Finn angrily called her a hypocrite, telling her it was her morality and conviction that he had always respected.

Finn furiously attacked her and used the same spell he used on his father to channel power from her, placing her next to Mikael. He somberly told his neutralized parents that they had been happy once when it was just him and Freya but because they had continued to have children, their family had been ripped apart.

He threatened to destroy his younger siblings for the monsters that they were. In Brotherhood of the Damned , while Finn's boundary spell kept the vampires trapped in the compound, he performed another spell using representational magic.

The spell he cast created an astral plane where he pulled in the minds of his brothers so they could all speak mentally, appearing inside of a cabin where animal heads represented each of them, a boar representing Finn.

Finn revealed that within the cabin, he could not be harmed due to being its creator. Finn explained that his boundary spell would drop at sunset so the vampires inside the compound would violently feast on the people of New Orleans, finally taking the city from vampires for good.

Meanwhile, Finn tried to press his brothers for answers on what Klaus was hiding, not knowing that his niece Hope was alive.

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The 100 Cast Age, Height and Nationality Unglaublich, was man mit ein bisschen Seife alles ausrichten kann! Du hast ein verpfuschtes Tattoo auf deiner Haut? Wir italien liga tabelle nicht allein —. Die Grounder im Buch: Gespielt von Eve Harlow. Finn nutzt die Gelegenheit und gesteht Clarke seine Liebe, welche ihm aber erklärt, dass sie noch nicht bereit für eine Beziehung ist.

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